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15 Bad Money Habits You Need to Break to SAVE MORE financial habits

// 15 bad money habits you need to break to save more! I share bad money habits that I’ve overcome (or am working to overcome) to save more money and be more financially stable. I hope this video gives you money-saving tips to break bad habits, invest more, and reach your financial goals! #moneytips #financetips


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00:00 Intro
01:43 Putting Off Investing
02:10 How Much Our Investments Have Grown
03:02 Impulsive Buying
04:03 Not Investing In My Business
05:02 Resisting Getting a CC
05:37 Not Cancelling Subscriptions
06:19 Emotional Buying
06:53 Thinking More Money = More Happiness
07:51 Not Being In Sync w/ My Husband
08:46 Too Much Seasonal Decor
09:31 Putting Off Monthly Costs
09:56 Not Meal Prepping
10:30 Treating Everything As A Priority
11:16 Not Breaking Up Our Accounts
12:19 Storing Card Info Online
12:51 Avoiding Reality
13:54 Outro

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15 Bad Money Habits You Need to Break to SAVE MORE

15 Bad Money Habits You Need to Break to SAVE MORE

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15 Bad Money Habits You Need to Break to SAVE MORE
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See all the latest ways to make money online: See more here

32 thoughts on “15 Bad Money Habits You Need to Break to SAVE MORE financial habits”

  1. hi friends! feel free to respond here with which habit you resonated most with or a habit I didn’t mention ✨ appreciate you all and hope you have a lovely weekend!

  2. ****Very informative video, well the crypto market seems to have waken up in a bullish pattern and a better season to go into bitcoin day trading with a working strategy and signals backed with the help of a pro which turns out be so accurate and profitable. Travis Neil has been a real mentor so far which have been able to grow my portfolio from 1.1btc to a total of 6.8btc through daily trading.

  3. One thing that has helped me so much with impulse shopping is keeping a “things to buy” list on my phone for clothes, home stuff, tech, pretty much anything. This is great for two main reasons- I have to pause and think about whether I actually need something, and if I do ever have money to splurge I can buy something I’ve had my eye on for a while instead of a bunch of small junk

  4. Bought a house earlier this year and the biggest thing that has helped us save/curb spending is to buy used! We furnished a lot of our home with FB marketplace finds which meant waiting to buy if the specific item wasn’t listed. If we are feeling spendy we will go to the thrift store vs Target or the mall and end up spending sooo much less overall.

  5. Firstly I love these kinds of videos Michelle, I really do enjoy them, secondly yes I have experienced that thing when you're hungry you buy more useless thing <3

  6. I love this type of content! I am now working my first full time job and I am kind of clueless with how I can wisely use my money (coming from very low income during uni) so thank you for these videos! Makes it seem a lot less intimidating ❤

  7. My husband and I are on baby step number 2 (paying off debt) and I found this so encouraging and a good reminder to keep working towards our goal of being debt free. Making emotional purchases is my worst money habit 😩

  8. Michelle! I love your financial advice videos. You’re one of the few youtubers that I feel like give down to earth and realistic advice. I actually feel like I can apply so many of these tips to my life and I don’t walk away from this video feeling worse which honestly some financial videos make me feel!

  9. I love your finance related videos! As an engaged couple going into marriage, I really resonate with how you guys handle your income. I was curious if you have looked into a solo 401k? I believe it's a 401k for those self-employed but I'm not sure all the pros/cons of having one.

  10. One tip I've learned the hard way is to never loan money and expect it back in a certain time frame. Years ago I was fortunate enough to have the means to help my family. A few months later I ended up needing that money back and they could not repay me right away. So now when I loan money out, in my head I expect to never get it back. That way I don't ever put myself in a rough financial situation. If I get it back great! If not, I know I'll be okay without it.

  11. You mentioned in a previous video that you saw a derm for wart removal. Have you ever seen them regarding your hair loss? I recently bought some decorative squash that are also edible- like blue Hubbard. That way I can have my decorations & eat them too.

  12. Love the advice although pet insurance isn't all what it's cracked up to be though. I strongly suggest looking into it a bit more my personal experience and some of my friend's experiences with pet insurance weren't very good at all. Anyways I love your videos and I hope you have a great day. Sorry about the long message.

  13. I just started seriously budgeting so this video is just on time for me. I'm also saving to buy a home just like you. Thank you for the great insight on bad habits ❤

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