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Best HARD DRIVES For Video Editing & Storage! g technology g drive setup

I talk about the external best hard drives for video editing and storage.
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G-Drive 16TB Harddrive (Massive:
G-Drive 10TB Harddrive:
G-Drive 8TB Harddrive:
G-Drive 4TB Harddrive:
Small (external) G-Drive 4TB Harddrive:
(Portable) G-Drive 1TB Harddrive:
(Portable Cushioned) G-Drive 1TB Harddrive:

Lacie 1TB thunderbolt/usb3 drive:
Desktop Lacie drive:

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G-Technology Harddrives are the best hard drives for professional video storage and editing use. .

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Best HARD DRIVES For Video Editing & Storage!

Best HARD DRIVES For Video Editing & Storage!

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Best HARD DRIVES For Video Editing & Storage!
g technology g drive setup
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49 thoughts on “Best HARD DRIVES For Video Editing & Storage! g technology g drive setup”

  1. My new 8TB G-RAID makes an insane amount of electronic noise from both the unit and the power supply. It is a high frequency whining noise that alters in pitch. It is worse when the unit is on (disks spinning) but it also does it to a lesser extent when the disks have spun down. Can you put your ear up to your G-RAID and tell me if yours does the same? Thanks.

  2. Western Digital (WD) and G Raid have NEVER failed me in 15 years. Lacie, Seagate and Pegasus (32TB raid) nearly destroyed our footage collection…luckily I had backed up with WD and G Raid. I will never use anything else. Great videos! Subbed!

  3. I've just had my 3rd G Tech drive die on me in the same way. Just totally loses it's MBR and won't boot. . They are the worst ever drives. NEVER, NEVER TRUST A GTECH. Also, even when they are working, it takes a utility aoo to stop them from going into sleep mode mid edit. Get a Seagate expansion drive. Much better and cheaper. Never let me down yet.

  4. Hi Jakob! Thanks for the video! I wonder if you've changed any of the setups since this video, or if you were to start over now in 2019 what would you change. Totally agree with G-tech and would like to build a all G-tech solution as well.

    I recently got a RED and jumping from the A7iii, the file size are huge. So my current 2TB mac + 4 TB G-tech USB (For Time machine) won't be enough anymore. I'm thinking of getting the 20TB G-tech Thunderbolt 3 and run it off RAID 1, while my 4TB G-tech USB will be still running time machine for my MacOS

  5. Take this video down. It’s nothing but a G Drive advertisement unless you consider seeing 4 boxes sit on a desk and this dude telling stories about traveling with 1tb drives. No specs. No tech review. Just “trust me, it’s great.” No thanks.

  6. Hey man, thanks for this Video. Have you ever had tow computer connected to the G-RAID and work directly from the harddrives at the same time? for example my collegue is edeting fotos and me editing videos

  7. This has literally absolutely nothing about which drives good. Who makes the HDDs that are inside these? That's what's interesting. What is interesting is WHY are these drives good?

    Know anything about the actual specs that makes drives suitable for this or that? I suspect not.

    I respect that you found a brand that build portable disk systems that you like – it's not that I'm reacting to,, but the truth is that it says absolutely nothing. G-tech is just a brand for a ready product, and that you are talking about it the way you do, tells me that you know very little about real computer systems, and know nothing more than what's on the label of the product (which is way too little info).

    Typical for a person sitting in front of a Mac. Sorry.

  8. I‘m sorry but this video is so superficial. Why are those „the best“? What attributes do those drives have? RPM? Read/Write speeds? Do you use a RAID setup? Is this a sponsored video?

  9. So could you go into more detail about the configuration of the G-RAID drives? Are they all RAID-0 for fast speeds? Or all RAID-1 for protection? Maybe you have 2 in RAID-0 for storage and then 2 in RAID-1 mirroring the other 2? That way you have both speed and protection.

  10. So would the Small (external) G-Drive 4TB Harddrive be decent for editing? I shoot cinema 4k on my GH4 right now, and everything is fine. But my current 1TB internal harddrive is getting full very quickly with how much I shoot. I'm not rich, so I need a cost efficient way to store my footage, and still be able to edit.

  11. Hey Jakob,
    Thank you so much for providing this information regarding storage and drives. I was wondering what you use as far as computer tech to edit? Im using a laptop and I can't render or preview anything and I was wondering what the next step is?
    Thanks again,

  12. Yoo! thank you for sharing. Was wondering if you could make a video on how you organize all your footage… what you do with all your project files when you're long done with a project, and also when your currently working on one. hope to hear from you! Keep Creating dope content bro!

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