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Digital Marketing là gì? digital marketing là gì

What is Digital Marketing? Overview of DIGITAL MARKETING – FREE ONLINE MARKETING LEARNING 1. DEFINITIONS DIGITAL MARKETING Digital Marketing is the practice of promoting products and services using database-driven online distribution channels. , aims to reach customers at the right time, right need, right audience at a reasonable cost – Jared Reitzin, CEO – 2. DIGITAL MARKETING ALWAYS Emphasizes 3 FACILITIES: A. Using media digital. B. Approaching customers in the digital environment. C. Interaction with customers. 3. DIGITAL MARKETING GROUPS A. Brand awareness group. A1. Display Ad – Display advertising. A2. Online PR – Run PR articles on electronic newspapers. A3. Blog & Forum – Online seeding : Distributing messages on forums to attract attention. B. The team increases the persuasiveness of the product and the brand. * Encapsulated in 2 words belief. Is your business reputable enough? What do others say about you? Does the consulting service satisfy them? B1. Web-based marketing – web-based advertising: With the development of the Internet and the modern online marketing movement, building a website, online brand… is extremely necessary for businesses. . B2. Social Media – social network: Along with the development day by day, social networks bring extremely good information spread, real shares always bring true emotions. B3. Online PR: Reviews on reputable sites have a pretty good brand PR effect. B4. Blog & Forum: When you are a good performer on forums and blogs such as: helping, guiding, answering questions, giving unconditionally – you will have a brand and sell. So your job is: * Find the right target forum. * Create an account as soon as possible. * Choose a name and use an avatar. * Create an attractive profile. * Make a valuable contribution to the community. * Put your website address in the signature. B5. SEO – Search Marketing Optimization – Search engine optimization: Improve the search ranking of the entire website or a page of the website on search engines such as Google, yahoo, Bing… and in the natural search results. Make your site look professional. C. Sales increase and customer care team: C1. PPC paid advertising – pay per click – pay per click. Popular channels: – Google Adwords: With Google Adwords Ads, your website will show up on page 1 of Google after only about 15 minutes’. – Facebook Ads: With the number of members increasing day by day, Facebook is considered as a potential and effective environment. C2. Social Media: Today, social media is not only a place to share, but also acts as an effective sales channel with the advantage of a large number of members. C3. Email marketing: Actively accessing information for customers with eNewletters. C4. Mobile marketing: SMS Marketing is a best form of Marketing that is developing rapidly thanks to unique features such as: Because people always carry their Phone, regardless of time and geographical space and when receiving messages Anyone can open and read. Ex: mobifone, viettel… C5. SEO: Help your website be enhanced on search engines, help increase website traffic… This means, you will have the opportunity to contact many potential customers. .


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Digital Marketing là gì?

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Digital Marketing là gì?
digital marketing là gì
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