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Elizabeth Holmes: 'Valley of Hype' [pre-show and documentary] financial documentary

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Elizabeth Holmes became the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire as CEO of her biotech startup, Theranos. The former Silicon Valley darling now faces criminal trial and 20 years in prison over the Justice Department’s charges that she used the once-hyped blood testing company to defraud investors.
Yahoo Finance is turning the page on Theranos, examining arguments to be raised in Holmes’ defense and the culture that fueled her rise and fall. Interviews with a Theranos board member and employee who have never spoken out, as well as experts on Silicon Valley, raise the possibility that Holmes, rather than being a villain, is a victim of a Silicon Valley ethos that values a perfect pitch over proven results.

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Elizabeth Holmes: 'Valley of Hype' [pre-show and documentary]

Elizabeth Holmes: 'Valley of Hype' [pre-show and documentary]

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#Elizabeth #Holmes #39Valley #Hype39 #preshow #documentary
Elizabeth Holmes: 'Valley of Hype' [pre-show and documentary] financial documentary
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32 thoughts on “Elizabeth Holmes: 'Valley of Hype' [pre-show and documentary] financial documentary”

  1. She was no victim, she is still no victim. Just because she is a woman and the trial is taking place in 2021, it is no reason to twist things so make people believe she was a victim. She has to be held accountable for what she did.

  2. The documentary missed the point. She and Sunny's bully behavior and potential fraud would have direct threat to innocent people's lives. The end conclusion is logically unfounded. Who proof has given to support the claim that making fraudsters be responsible for their behaviors would discourage true innovators? Btw, I think all these big names silicon valley people are actual susceptible after so many years. They didn't build the IPhones, Tesla cars or whatever. The engineers and the labor works did it.

  3. long story short: a lot of people who were looking to make billions simply, quickly, and greedily didn't do their due diligence. Being greedy bastards they're going to try to blame their listless research on the one who "tricked" them. There are plenty of people who would have been able to smell something fishy from a mile away. They exist now and certainly existed in 2017. She fell pray to silicone valley psychosis; where everything is industry altering and paradigm shifting even if it's obvious it can't work.

  4. Holmes' wealth wasn't 'self-made'. It was given by others, and it returned to them when it was learned Theranos actually made relatively little, compared to the hype. The Yahoo doc could have been written by Holmes' defense, but it's easy to see thru if you watch other documentaries on the subject. I think the government had plans for Theranos like it did Facebook, but something happened to expose Holmes to the pedestrian scrutiny that brings down average people.

  5. She take money from the filty rich from that point of wiew she is a champion the only mistake she make that she find her interest in healtcare bussnies messing with people s life thats not ok …..but if she do something different nobody cares right ?

  6. With so many big investors who refused to press charges, Holmes will get-off with a relatively light sentence, as she is part of the elite and rich of Silicon Valley—where tech-dreams comes true. IF she does any time, it be at one of those spa-resort type prisons.

  7. I think shes incompetent, a narcissistic and could have any number of personality disorders. I don't think she was fully aware of the magnitude of her ignorance….but people crying for her to get 20 years is a little harsh.

  8. min 37:52.
    this guy is blaming the investors..
    when the SS soldats where asked why they killed jewish people, they say. its their fault.

    Anyone pushing the blame on to others is an imbesil trying to fool you..

  9. The investors who didn't do any due diligence, are also responsible for the fraud and potential human harm because it's tTHEIR MONEY THAT PURPATRATED THE FRAUD AND POTENTIALLY PUT PEOPLE IN DANGER. But of course, they don't take any responsibility for it. Putting the responsibility on someone else is how they got to the big jobs and big money in the first place.

  10. The most insane thing is the deliberate speaking in a lower pitch for credibility reasons. Trying to speak higher or lower than ones natural voice for long periods is tough as hell. I myself have a pretty good singing voice, and I can do a decent imitation of a few other singers, but that may be during a 3-4 minute song. Doing something similar at all times in the public eye is just, well, insane.

  11. This "Doc" suggests the tech was possible, proven even by a previous company's work. That company did not have a working device. The issue is simple: too small a sample, too many demands.

  12. Holmes was like Madoff in that she did not promise the moon or a cure for cancer. It was expedited test results using small samples of blood. To many people that sounds more like an advancement in technology rather than reinventing the wheel. A well calculated scam IMO.

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