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Freefall (Part One) financial crisis 2008

Irish Financial Crash – 2008. Documentary. .

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Freefall (Part One)

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Freefall (Part One)
financial crisis 2008
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27 thoughts on “Freefall (Part One) financial crisis 2008”

  1. They need to replace the word government with taxpayers. They didn't want the banks nationalised because they wanted to continue unregulated and not be held responsible for their theft and egos. How many of the financial "movers and shakers" went to jail for their actions, lies and incompetence?" How many lost their jobs? and those that did, left with a huge payout and their enormous pensions intact.

  2. Why doesn't the financial and political leaders get???? Why. Because there's always going to be honor among thieves. I'll give you just one example. A overvalued and over extended bull market in the U.S. That's just the one. I'll give you a hint on one more. Look at rent hikes and housing prices. THE END.

  3. Bankers "ran" out of money. Hank Paulson did everything he could to save their asses. His sharade of that week-end in the Federal reserve building and the "miscommunication" with the British and the emotion of "fear" he spread are all a ruse to get as much money as possible from the taxpayers. It was never about saving the banks it was all about giving his buddies at wallstreet the bonuses they wanted. Every documentary is emphacizing the fear and the "near collapse" of the economy but the bankers refused to take the billions of dollars from the treasury without the agreement that they can take as high bonuses as they want. Now, call me crazy, but when you screw up the last thing you are allowed to have is a large compensation. But hey, let us keep telling the taxpayers: it is either we get the money we want or your economy will come to a halt.

  4. This was the beginning of the globalist reset, those who are being interviewed here..the ultimate criminal class..calling it the “market place of fools “is a get out clause. This was deliberate..

  5. Talking about martial law etc.

    Nobody else think that it’s dangerous that they didn’t allow it to happen? All they did by bailing out the banks was grow distrust in the public and make the next time all the more likely to become a backlash as they will not have the money to save the banks like they did.

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