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Future AI will REVOLUTIONIZE games a i technology 2021

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Future AI will REVOLUTIONIZE games

Future AI will REVOLUTIONIZE games

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Future AI will REVOLUTIONIZE games
a i technology 2021
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48 thoughts on “Future AI will REVOLUTIONIZE games a i technology 2021”

  1. Observation: The robot and a dog, at first, climb stairs the same way. Unsure of what the solution is. The robot is limited by it's sensory range, it's like a giant bug using it's feet as antenna. The dog, however, is more sure of its sensory depths. I wonder if this has more to do with mirror neuron connections than we give it credit for. The symbiotic relationship between child and parent, that is wholesale taken for granted by humans, is how dogs survive with us in the first place.

    Make one AI that is the parent. This parent would have the solution to a problem. Make a second AI that is the child. This AI would be tasked to find a cold solution to a problem. The parent and child have a wi-fi connection, but the child needs to learn what it is. But, as it does, the reinforcement of the correctness of the solution gains strength, just like a puppy making constant eye contact. The parent wouldn't directly give away the answer, just like school doesn't. It's the compartmentalizing of small concepts, to build common definition, through association and experience, that gives language it's power. Also, emotive response, happy people make happy puppies, make of this part what you will. By giving the learning algorithm a more nuanced, and continuous reinforcement, it will gain confidence faster. If confidence wasn't a thing with single AI systems before, it will be integral for groups. Don't build their communication language in, make them create their own. The parent learns how to teach it's knowledge to the child, while the child learns how to learn from the parent. Reinventing the wheel is great and all, but that isn't how culture works, or we wouldn't need to spend 25 years learning how to exist with one another, well that last part is debatable, but I digress…

  2. Media synthesis is a really understated development that's gonna be one of the touchstones of the coming decade. Everyone talks up deepfakes and fake news, but the possibilities neural networks like these have for creatives and entertainment are truly staggering. The democratization of the development of breathtaking fictional worlds from big studios to small groups to eventual individuals will be an explosion of artistic expression.

    I imagine the 2040s-2060s version of today's indie artists will, rather than posting just drawn pictures on Twitter, DeviantArt, Artstation, etc. be creating entire multimedia "franchises" of their art. Rather than just a picture, it'll be films, series', entire games all populated with life and interactivity.

  3. I'm looking forward to the AI game that replaces Minecraft. Something like a vr game where you outline with a pen in 3d what you want fill in with a color and tweak the custom options the AI output as you go round in you AI world filling it in with whatever you want.

  4. "You don't want Nvidia to become even more of a Monopoly and own every new Patent and AI script"
    > China: *Exists*

    ….(and continues to produce the VAST majority of our hardware while becoming increasingly immune to IP law in general)

  5. I find the algorithms used for video recommendations to actually make it harder to find new things. Could be the market being flooded with copycats and clones. Or maybe the algorithms are based on your history not on what you have yet to do so it just serves you old crap you have already seen. There are many more things to say but thats the jest of it.

  6. Please make your voice/audio quality better
    Listening to 3 mins of your video , gives me headache

    I really love your content but audio makes it unbearable
    Kindly work on that , Also the way you speak is robotic / ADD SOME NATURAL TOUCH to it plz

    You can take inspiration from ColdFusion TV channel

  7. I long for the day where graphics will get so lifelike that indie games and AAAs will look the same, so the only feature selling games is how well-made they are.

  8. The point being missed is that self-produced games bring a collaborative effort to an artist's impression of a gaming world. AI will just make things "bluh!"

  9. Currently, the Dell S2721QS model comes with a price of 250 euros and the S3221QS model 350 euros. Which one would you recommend considering this situation? My only concern for 27 ”is the scaling problem of Windows, so if I use it at 150% because the texts are too small, will my image look worse than the 4K 32 inch model? Or will it have a disadvantage? Or as an IPS panel or VA panel, which is the better choice for a quality display? Otherwise, should I pay 100 Euros more and go for the 32 ”model?

  10. For fuck sakes recommendations isn’t fucken AI it’s just machine learning. People use the term AI so loosely it’s losing its true meaning.

  11. the fact that u recommend ur viewers to download anything from opers is quite telling.
    do u even know what u promote?shame on u!if u cant find anything "good" to promote-dont!u have a patreon!
    i love that anology with cezanne,tho

  12. Gaming, customer support, online retail, etc… So many industries will be affected by AI when they can already replaced humans esp. on low-skill jobs

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