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How To Spot A Fake Guru | Forex Edition financial guru exposed

In This Video, Poku Banks talks about the 9 ways to spot a fake forex guru who is willing to scam you for their own benefit. Please take what I’m saying seriously and tread carefully in this Forex industry as people are out here to take your money.

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How To Spot A Fake Guru | Forex Edition

How To Spot A Fake Guru | Forex Edition

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How To Spot A Fake Guru | Forex Edition
financial guru exposed
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48 thoughts on “How To Spot A Fake Guru | Forex Edition financial guru exposed”

  1. I wish that you had his wealth. You seem like a much more decent human being. Why is Dan Legg obsessed with flaunting what he has so much. It’s just ugly and tacky.

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  7. Yes affiliate links biggest catch because they rush you into signing up before they even let you read through terms and conditions of trading with the brokerage!

    Check who the company is regulated by always. Best wishes to you all, hope you will be successful.

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  9. Bro, could you do a vid on your R2SA's and how much they cashflow and profit, and how much you pay yourself as salary and dividends. Cheers and Keep up the great work!! Soon 100k 😀

    PS: I am a property investor and in uni as well.. I'm just waiting for my bank to accept my business and open an account and also for the insurance company to answer… once I get fully compliant imma be hunting for deals left and right mate. Before 2021 when I become financially free and drop out of uni I want to meet you for a coffee (even though I don't like it though haha) to have a chat and work on something together… I'm in an area of High demand as well (Oxford).

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  12. Forex is BS altogether, Google 'Forex jobs' – you wont find any anywhere (except scams disguised as jobs where you have to pay for training). Moreso, technical analysis is BS – it's been around 100+years and countless studies have debunked every 'strategy' and even PhD researchers, when given years of price data, when asked to identify patterns or indications of movement… they concluded it's unpredictable.

    Look into, the random walk theory and the efficient market theory. And then ask yourself why most hedge firms consistently UNDERPERFORM the indexes

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