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Jeremy Grantham: The Biggest Bubble In Financial HISTORY! It Will CRASH… financial help

Finance! Investing! Economics! Business! Stock Market! Real Estate! Market Bubble! Stock Market Crash! Jeremy Grantham Bubble! Crash! I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think the market is in a crazy state of euphoria right now, and its running on borrowed time. There seems to be a bubble everywhere we look. The housing market is now less affordable than it was in 2006, at its absolute peak. US equities are valued higher than they were in March of 2000, at the crazy highs of the dot com bubble. NFTs are being bought for $100,000 and sold a week later for $700,000. New crypto projects are popping up left right and centre, with no utility, no vision, no future, and yet they’re still being valued in the millions of dollars. But maybe you don’t want to listen to me, maybe you want to listen someone who has a history of predicting market bubbles, and if that’s the case, then look no further.

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Jeremy Grantham, the founder of GMO, an investment fund that has over $110 Billion in assets under management. He’s an incredibly successful investor in his own right, but he’s built his fame by calling out market bubbles, peaks and bottoms, and doing it with incredible accuracy.

In the 1980s, he called the Japanese asset price bubble and successfully navigated his way through it. During the dot com bubble of the early 2000s, he successfully identified the bubble long before most people and led his fund through the following 2 years of turmoil. In 2006, he called the housing and mortgage market bubble, and in 2008, timed the bottom of the market almost to the day. He’s built up a reputation as a man who understands bubbles, greed and euphoria, and is able to predict them, with frightening accuracy.

Right now, he is warning us all of the greatest bubble to ever exist. You heard that right, not only is Grantham sure that we are in a bubble, but he believes that it is larger than the dot com bubble, the bubble of 1929, and even the South Seas Bubble. Thankfully, Grantham is no hermit, he’s no stranger to a camera, and he’s more than happy to tell us all what he’s thinking, to make sure as many people as possible are prepared for what is coming, and that’s what you’re going to hear today.

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Jeremy Grantham: The Biggest Bubble In Financial HISTORY! It Will CRASH...

Jeremy Grantham: The Biggest Bubble In Financial HISTORY! It Will CRASH…

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Jeremy Grantham: The Biggest Bubble In Financial HISTORY! It Will CRASH…
financial help
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43 thoughts on “Jeremy Grantham: The Biggest Bubble In Financial HISTORY! It Will CRASH… financial help”

  1. Mass mortgage lending fraud in Australia. Australian PM Scott Morrison voted 26 times AGAINST a Banking Royal commission. Watch the Denise Brailey "bombshell" video on Youtube.

  2. Great content. Very enlightening, and a bit scary. I guess I'll just continue using a robo advisor, and self-directed into high dividend stocks. Not sure what else to do with cash right now :/

  3. No crash until they raise rates a total of 75 basis points and that’s a long ways out. Everyone thought we would crash at DOW 17,000 in 2016, nobody could see DOW 35,000. A few years from now we will be saying damn DOW 50,000 is crazy.

  4. Thank you for your perspective and wisdom, Great Video !!….It is truly sad, that the TRUTH is silenced…..Please carry-on……..Godspeed…..

  5. Is this a bubble? Yes and no, depends! See by my reckoning The Federal Reserve is buying the equities market, directly through the New York Federal Reserve trading desk and indirectly through financing Blackrock/Hedge Funds …if The Fed say's MARKET'S GO UP that's exactly what they'll do REGARDLESS of the underlying fundamentals! Further The Fed is buying up the debt market (which the companies are taping into to then turn around and buy up there own equities) thereby supporting these companies through that mechanism ….in short THE GAME IS RIGGED!

  6. When this bubble bursts, it will make the Great Depression look like a backyard picnic. America has been printing wealth out of thin air for decades. Now we are running out of INK and PAPER! ALL PAPER CURRENCIES ARE FIAT, UNLESS THEY ARE BACKED BY GOLD.

  7. I love listening to Jeremy talk…I feel intelligent listening to him speak. There is an interview on Livewire Australia with Jeremy which is more of what he was talking about in this video.

  8. FedEx is discounted now priced back to 2018; good for a swing. The stimulus will give the markets another shout in the rump. I think a full pullback will be winter. And 1929 has nothing to do with our current market; too many investors buy the dip when a correction begins and available funds are near zero interest.

  9. Our age is showing, while the observations are correct, you are missing a couple of fundamental matters.
    1. The valuations are crashing, just compare the values against the % increase in the money supply everywhere.
    2. The statistics are fraudulent everywhere not just in China, most obviously the headline inflation rates. For one, if you measure today's inflation rate with the same methods as the 1970's, the actual inflation rate is higher than that period.
    People's purchasing power is tanking especially in the west and I fear what will happen when people are enlightened… See eastern Europe in 1980's

  10. Nice Report mate, here in New Zealand 🇳🇿 The best in the world at leading in, Angeda 21 ,31. Thank God, I took advice on stocking food, silver,and crypto. Something Brutal is coming, The positive the All Black's are winning

  11. 1929 will pale in comparison simply because our Dollar is collapsing. Going hunting tomorrow to shoot a pig to stock freezer with sausage and scout for deer season.
    Very well could be food for surviving. My pantry is full.

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