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R&D Food Technologist / Government Affairs / Regulatory Affairs Associate

1. Execute projects of new products according to business plan timelines
2. Improve current products with regards to both cost and quality
3. find a Source for new ingredients during the product development process and build vendor relationships
4. Prepare benchmark test and analyze using a variety of methods available in the R&D test kitchen
5. Conduct the taste panel for different products.
6. Monitor current market trends via competitor’s market trips to predict future sales and marketing focus
7. Prepare product specifications, set-up formulas and write technical reports and test run plans
8. Perform consumer sensory testing and shelf-life studies for pre-launch products
9. Conduct factory trials at various production facilities
10. Communicate with the suppliers to assist with new ingredient sourcing and creating specifications.
11. Communicate with Quality and Food Safety Department to maintain the Allergen Control Procedures and different product specifications.

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R&D food technologist Job Description 💪👍🎂👨

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R&D food technologist Job Description 💪👍🎂👨
r&d technology
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