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Spent: Looking For Change (Documentary) financial documentary

Spent: Looking for Change is a film about everyday Americans without the financial options most of us take for granted and the movement giving them renewed hope. To find out more and take action, visit

Turning to pawn shops, check cashing services, and using payday loans to meet basic financial needs can be costly for many of us, with $89 billion a year going to fees and interest* for using these types of alternative financial services.

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It’s time for change. New technology, new ideas and encouraging dialogue around this issue can help make managing money simple and more affordable.

American Express is presenting this documentary to help improve financial inclusion in the United States. Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Davis Guggenheim is the executive producer of the documentary which is narrated by Tyler Perry and directed by Derek Doneen.

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*Source: CFSI, November 2013 Market Sizing Report
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Spent: Looking For Change (Documentary)

Spent: Looking For Change (Documentary)

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Spent: Looking For Change (Documentary)
financial documentary
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39 thoughts on “Spent: Looking For Change (Documentary) financial documentary”

  1. Look at the Politicians that’s running this country and it should give you a clear understanding about America’s values, divide, fear and hate towards each other!😞😡

  2. I just found this. Does anyone know if any follow up was done with these people? I so want to know if things have improved. But sadly, that's probably not the case.

  3. Money is an illusion. There are enough resources on this Earth for EVERYONE…. The rich are all scrambling to get it all for themselves. They run the system. They run the governments and they run the world.

  4. The rich put you down and do everything they can to keep you there, working as hard as you can to recover. They are profiting more from you when you’re desperate. So they keep you there. “It’s called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.”

  5. The damn corporations and their monopolies are sucking every last dime from us. One example is my phone bill in the US is 179 a month, in Thailand I pay $7 dollars for unlimited data a month. In the US I had a cobra payment of $600, in Thailand I don’t need healthcare insurance. I had to go to a hospital in Chiangmai my bill was 900 Baht for ER, Doctor and meds. My total cost for my healthcare 2.5. Years in Thailand was under $200.

  6. :: Breonna Taylor — Tamir Rice — Botham Jean — Daniel Shaver — Philando Castile — John Crawford — Luis Rodriguez — Dillon Taylor — John T Williams — Kelly Thomas — Casey Goodson — Adam Toledo — Hannah Fizer — Justine Damond

  7. United States of America, land of the free, but only if you are wealthy enough to afford it, otherwise you are just enslaved on a less obvious way for the rest of your life.

  8. This may sound stupid so I apologies I'm advance but doesn't America have a social system to help with some sort of social benefits on people who are disabled, suffer with cancer and people who are carers etc.

  9. As difficult as life can be , we all need to stand together . This system is unjust , it needs to be torn down and replaced . There are people and parties who are committed to that end .

  10. Would be interesting to see an update on all these families, especially how coronavirus has now affected them.
    Hope they were able to get through the last several years since this was produced.

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