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What is Hologram How actully hologram works 7D technology. 7d technology

Hellow gyz scientists always work hard for the betterment of human life for entertainment they invented radio TV computer cameras mobile phone and much more but their not end
Today we talk about advancements if photography which called holography
Holography is such a advanced method. We can watch a person on front of us like living thing
Hologram was invented in 1947 to 1948 by Denis Gabor
He started works on holography in a laboratory of an electrical engineering company where Gabor work on improving the electron microscope
In 1948 Gabor made his first hologram using light source that consists of mercury arc lamp with a narrow band green filter. On 15th Sept 1948 new York times published first article on holography
After this observation 1960 laser is invented from Gabor’s theory

What is holography and how its work
Holography is a photographic technology that records the light pigments from an object ,and then presents in a way that appears three dimensional .that called holography
This technology also use in popular Hollywood movies such as Star’s and Iron man
why do credit cards have holograms
How actually hologram works
Its start with the laser beam which split into two parts,then both beams go through lenses to make them spread out
Then one beam the object beam bounces off the image which you trying to image and shine as holographic film
While the other beam reference beam create interference pattern which called hologram…
photographic technology that records

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What is Hologram How actully hologram works 7D technology.

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What is Hologram How actully hologram works 7D technology.
7d technology
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